Meet your 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Kim Raymond - Board Chair

School Counselor - Leroy H. Smith School in Winterport, Maine (Grades Pre-K - 4th)

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Passion: Creating new and fun ways to engage students in classroom lessons and educating young students about the importance of making all people feel welcome.  Kim hopes to inspire all students to recognize their leadership potential and know how much they truly matter everyday.

About Kim:  Kim was born and raised in Maine.  She's a huge Disney fan and also enjoys reading, writing and camping!  She loves exploring and having outdoor adventures with her family.

Jess Weatherbee - Board Assistant Chair

School Counselor - Manchester School in Windham, Maine (Grades 4th and 5th)

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Passion: Promoting school counseling leadership and supporting the growth of positive self-esteem among her students.

About Jess:  Jess is a life-long Mainer who attended the University of Southern Maine for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Jess enjoys doing anything outside in this beautiful state with her dog Boston, traveling to new places, cooking a great meal and reading for pleasure.

Nicole Breton - Board Member - Conference Committee Co-Chair

School Counselor - Waterboro Elementary School in Waterboro, Maine (Grades PreK-5th)

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School Counseling Passion - advocating for the social and emotional development of all children.

About Nicole - Nicole grew up in California and graduated from Ledyard School, CT. From there, she attended college in Massachusetts; Curry College and went on to get her Masters at Cambridge College where she met her then-to-be husband and moved to Maine to start her career and family.  Nicole has two wonderful children, Wyatt (9) and Sydney (7) that keep she and her husband busy with all of their activities. Another huge piece of Nicole's life is their family dog, a chocolate lab mix named Cleopatra.  She provides endless entertainment and cuddles!

Andrew O'Connell Shevenell - Board Member - Government Relations and Ethics Committee Co-Chair

School Counselor - Gray - New Gloucester Middle School in Gray, Maine (Grades 5th-8th)

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Passion - Promoting and supporting the work of School Counselors to help students live engaged, intentional lives.

About Andrew - Andrew, also know as Shev, is a lifelong Mainer who enjoys making memories for his family, golf, big ideas, and dad jokes that fill a room with groans and head-shaking...and a few chuckles as well. 

Kelly Wright - Board Member - Conference Committee Co-Chair

School Counselor - Kennebunk Elementary School in Kennebunk, Maine (Grades 1st-2nd)

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Passion - Creating a school culture that is inclusive and supportive of all students.

About Kelly - Kelly was born and raised in Central Maine.  She moved to the southern Maine area in 2018.  Kelly has worked in education for 20 years with 14 of those years serving as a school counselor.  Kelly enjoys hiking, paddling and any activity that brings her outside!

Scott Harris - Board Member - Chair of the Awards Committee

School Counselor - Scarborough High School in Scarborough, Maine (Senior Placement Counselor)

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Passion - Supporting students to figure out their next steps after high school.

About Scott - Born and raised in Maine, Scott took a few years away to try out Vermont before running back.  You can find him near or on the water during his free time, puttering, and buying books that he is going to get around to reading...eventually.

Anne Baltren - Board Member

School Counselor 

Rebecca Edelman - Board Member

School Counselor 

Kristin Weaver Tlili - Board Member

School Counselor - Fairmount School in Bangor, Maine (Grades 4th and 5th)

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Passion - Advocating for students, staff, and school counseling professionals at the local, state and national levels.

About Kristin - Kristin is the mother of one grown son (19) and one son in his senior year (17).  Kristin was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her oldest son is a Bengals fan (which can finally be a source of pride) and her youngest is a Patriots fan.  Kristin cheers for both!  Kristin moved to Boston after finishing her Master's in Counseling, made her way to Maine and created a life in Bangor.  She earned her CAS in Counseling from USM.  She and her family love being outside; hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, skiing, gardening, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.  She and her partner Sean are working hard on their camp.  The family can also be found watching football and basketball games.  Kristin is entering her 31st year as an educator.  She loves this career because no 2 days are ever the same.  Kristin has worked with every level from elementary to college to adult education, as well as very diverse settings from inner-city Cincinnati to a wealthy suburb of Boston and the diversity of Salem, MA and Bangor, ME.  The Fairmount Staff are among the finest group of dedicated educators and she feels lucky everyday to be among them. 

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